X-Ray Supplies Pty Ltd is the manufacturer of quality Australian made Rayvue Illuminators. Rayvue Illuminators have been manufactured in Australia since 1939.

Rayvue Illuminators are constructed of 1 mm. zinc coated steel with welded joints and finished in durable powder coating. Standard Colour: Pearl White. Special colours can be provided as required.

Illumination is provided by specially imported, high output fluorescent tubes of the correct colour coordinates. Each window has two parallel tubes optimally placed to ensure maximum efficiency for diagnostic viewing of blue and green based X-Ray film. The acrylic panel is likewise carefully selected for colour, translucency and freedom from imperfections.

Stainless Steel gravity type film holders and individual window switching are standard. Gravity Film Holders are permanently bonded to the acrylic panel, which is then secured to the case utilising strategically placed low profile head screws, facilitating easy installation and future tube servicing. A 3-core cable and plug is provided on all surface and desk mounting types. Standard cable position is lower right hand side. Special locations can be provided on batch lots to facilitate short lead length and neat installation. Switches on multiple bank units are all located on the lower panel for convenient operation.


240- 50 HZ - 30W per window
Switches- DPST Rocker switch
Wire- V.105
Ballast- Class H AS.3168: AS.2643. App.No. N.11626
Tubes- 240 V, 15W TLD 6500 K - 2 per window
Starters- Philips S2 (Optional - electronic quick start)

Box Sizes:

VB1, Single Window394495105
VB2, Two Window751495105
VB3, Three Window1106495105
VB4, Four Window1465495105
VBCH1, Single Window394980105
VBCH2, Two Window750980105


Trolley Mounted
Master Switch

Multiple Bank Units (eg. 4/4,4 over 4): Height: 996 mm, length & depth as above.
Recessed (Flush) Units: Add 5-10 mm for cavity size.
Trim overlap: 20 mm each edge.
Weight: Nominal 6.5 kg per viewing window.


OPG Viewing Box

OPG Viewing Box

Size 365x180x70mm
Viewing area 33x15cm
Sized for Dental OPG Film


4 over 4 Trolley mounted

Special Sizing

Shown here, a 4 over 4 Trolley mounted

2 Bay Viewing Box

2 Bay Viewing Box


Chiropractic 1 Bay Viewing Box


Chiropractic 1 Bay Viewing Box showing long spine X Ray