Our story...

X-Ray Supplies was established in 1939 when a radiographer and an engineer recognised the shortages of equipment imports from England created by the Second World War. To this end they began manufacturing accessories and equipment for x-ray departments. X-Ray Supplies was formed and the brand Rayvue was born.

Within a short period of time, Health & Beauty Salon owners approached X-Ray Supplies to assist with manufacturing as their equipment was also unobtainable. X-Ray Supplies continued to manufacture for both market segments for the next 70 years.

During the 1990’s mass production of equipment in Australia was becoming less viable and importation of some equipment commenced. By 2008 the dissimilarity of technologies meant separation of the two divisions into separate companies - X-Ray Supplies Pty Ltd and Elegans Health & Beauty Pty Ltd. Elegans was sold in 2010 and continues independently (www.elegans.com.au) sharing the original Rayvue brand for some product lines.

Today, X-Ray Supplies Pty Ltd is a leading supplier of high quality digital imaging and x-ray equipment to medical imaging, chiropractic and veterinary practitioners across Australia and New Zealand.